Opinion of John Vonharnish, posted online:  "The 'smart' programs being foisted upon humanity are specifically designed to eradicate about 6.5 billion human beings from the face of the Earth....It's snuff job folks, a snuff job.  Look at the evidence over the course of just the last 10 years.  All pulsed digital technology is genotoxic, period. All high frequency, pulsed RF emissions are documented to negatively affect immune functions, period. Pulsed microwave energy causes calcium ion leakage across the cell membrane, heat-shock protein activation, behavioral abnormalities, cognitive decline, permanent neurological damage, reduction of sperm count in males, single and double strand breaks in DNA, the list goes on and on....When you allow corporations and mafia families to dictate the terms of your lives, you will eventually pay with the death of your entire population."
CNN News Headline January 2019: "US Fertility Rate is Below Level Needed to Replace Population, Study Says." This report is from the National Center for Health Statistics under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Vital Statistics Rapid Release, Report 004, May 2018.)
 The Sickness of "Smart"
   Thanks to billions in federal funding, millions of new smart meters have been installed on buildings across the U.S., especially at the residential level. Millions more are coming. Wireless smart electric meters that propagate continuous microwave signals pollute homes, work places and schools, while infusing the outdoor environment and the grid system itself with high-frequency carcinogen. Smart natural gas and water meters are also adding RF/microwave pollution to the general environment as they too propagate wireless signals for data transfer. No two smart-metered neighborhoods will suffer identical bio-effects because there are so many variables with both the meters and their supporting infrastructure.
   Smart meters come in two basic categories: wireless and wireline. The newer, radiation-intensive AMI meters transmit two-way data wirelessly through pole and tower antennas in a mesh or TWACS antenna networks. The older AMR meters generally collect electrical energy consumption and transfer that data from the electric meter on the home to the utility (one-way communication) directly through electric lines. There are a few systems that send data through fiber optic cable. Many electric smart metering systems are a hybrid of both wireless and wireline data transfer. Upcoming 5G and the Internet of Things will greatly complicate utility data transfer as smart homes and smart cities evolve.
  AMI wireless smart meters are fire-prone and have earned such a bad name that some AMI profiteers insist that these meters are not really "smart" but  only "digital" meters, apparently in order to confuse the issue.
   The woman seen here measuring the RF/microwave effluent from the smart meters on her condo building is a typical American smart meter victim.  Her Acoustimeter confirms that every three seconds, the electric meters on this bank emit bursts of high-frequency energy into the atmosphere and through the entire electrical system of the building. These same microwave pulses can also be measured inside of apartments upstairs. Over the months, this woman became deeply sensitized to the smart meter radiation, as well as to the Wi-Fi frequencies that flowed into her living space from computer equipment in neighboring apartments. When lying in bed, she would feel the vibrations of this multi-source microwave energy throughout her body.  Growing more exhausted and ill each day, she was forced to put her belongings into storage and surrender to homelessness, like countless thousands of other American radiation refugees. Although she has found a safer place to sleep, thanks to the mercy of a friend, her entire body remains wracked with the feeling of perpetual molecular vibration, a disabling and depressing sensation.
  Unlike the older and safer analog meters, all smart metering systems which wirelessly transmit data utilize a variety of frequencies documented to be a serious health hazard. Virtually all of the pulsing meter frequencies currently used to transmit two-way utility data are designated as Group 2B carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).  There is now enough scientific data to upgrade that classification to Group 1A carcinogenic, the category reserved for confirmed human carcinogens. In addition, smart meters generate dirty electricity. According to the research of epidemiologist Dr. Sam Milham, dirty electricity is exceptionally carcinogenic and has been documented as the genesis of cancer clusters arising in many "sick" buildings.  Dr. Milham believes that widespread smart meter health complaints are exacerbated by dirty electricity generated by the switching power supply of hundreds or thousands of meters within a single network.  There is also reported evidence that smart grid systems utilizing power lines may induce microwave standing waves (which can cause people to hear an environmental hum) at intervals along both arterial power lines and major transmission lines.
  The "smart"meter rollout has been yielded massive fallout across the globe. Two recent studies, conducted by two different research groups, reveal shocking information on the immediate public health ramifications of wireless electric meter exposure. One survey was completed in the USA and the other in Australia. These reports are instructive when examined together. The symptoms of sickness and impairment run nearly parallel in both studies, confirming six decades of  medical research showing that microwaved people are sick people. 
  While utility companies and infrastructure providers rave about the benefits of wireless utility monitoring, the two studies confirm this: "smartized" consumers are doomed to pay for the corporate "benefits" of smart utility systems with: the loss of their ability to sleep/repair normally, the impairment of brain function, the radical loss of immunity and gradual degradation of cardiovascular health. A major elevation of risk for both cancer and diabetes is also guaranteed for any population thus chronically Wi-irradiated year after year.
About half of the people polled in each of these two studies reported sleep problems, insomnia, sleep disturbances, weakness and fatigue. Medical experts agree that sleep disruption and deprivation is the path to a multitude of chronic illnesses,  including cancer.
Another striking parallel between the two studies is reported neurological impairments including: headaches, cognitive difficulties, memory loss, inability to concentrate and learning problems
  A third parallel is cardiac symptoms including palpitations, arrhythmia and heart pain.  
The long list of additional meter-related ailments documented by both studies indicate that "smart" --as pertaining to wireless metering technology-- is another word for human misery. With microwaves, the longer the exposure, the higher the health risks and the more serious the long-term ramifications. The two studies cover only short-term exposure symptoms, but future research on long-term smart meter exposure should yield additional data on more horrors, especially: increased rates of cancer, heart dysfunction, diabetes, stroke and numerous dementia brain diseases.  
  Below is a link to a brilliant paper by Dr. Ronald M. Powell,  Ph.D., who brought the two studies together for comparison and analysis. The bar graphs clearly illustrate the universal hazards of smart meter radiation. This five-page synopsis is a valuable tool for concerned citizens who wish to educate their neighborhoods, their utility companies and their local officials on the public health hazards of radiation-intensive metering systems.  This is the kind of information which lays the groundwork for legal battles that will one day be fought to stop the genocide.
        Read Dr. Powell's Paper Titled SYMPTOMS AFTER SMART METER EXPOSURE

  Dr. Powell is a physicist educated at Harvard.  He warns that smart meter radiation is highly insidious because most biological effects of RF/microwave exposure, including the onset of cancer, DNA damage and fertility effects, usually cannot be sensed by humans until long after the damage is done. Dr. Powell works with MarylandSmartMeterAwareness.org, a large group of informed citizens who won an opt-out battle in their state for smart electric meters.  He has written a two-page synopsis of what it really costs to accept a wireless smart meter on a home or business.  READ IT HERE
 Watch what happens to human blood within minutes of smart meter microwave exposure:
In some US communities,  Radiation Nazis install smart meters with the help of armed officers.
  Through the years, countless Americans have offered written and public testimony about the extreme illness that accompanies the installation of microwave-spewing smart meters. The two YouTube videos presented below provide expert explanations and visual demonstrations of how smart meters not only poison the interior of buildings with carcinogenic megahertz and gigahertz frequencies, but how they also induce bizarre and complex  2 to  50 kilohertz waves (dirty electricity transients) that flow directly and continuously into human bodies along with the microwaves. Chronic exposure to this combination of high-frequency and low-frequency carcinogen explains why so many people "crash" in the "smart" environment.