Barrie Trower, UK expert in covert microwave weaponry long used by governments around the world: "Wi-Fi radiation is a weapons frequency.  It can only do harm....During the 1950s and 1960s, it was realized that microwaves could be used as stealth weapons….The Russians beamed the American embassy during the Cold War and it gave people working in the embassy cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, whatever, and it was realized then that low level microwaves were the perfect stealth weapon to be used on dissident groups around the world, because you could make dissident groups sick, give them cancer, change their mental outlook on life without them even knowing they were being radiated….” [1] Note: Few people today remember the time when the Russian Soviets gave American diplomats "free Wi-Fi."
From Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: "When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure...becomes too great and then they crack up. Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating and attacking their sources of natural and social energy and their physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses." [2]
American science fiction author James Edwin Gunn: "Science fiction is the branch of literature that…concerns itself with scientific or technological change, and it usually involves matters whose importance is greater than the individual or the community; often civilization or the race itself is in danger." [3]
The Sci-Fi of Wi-Fi
Got Wi-Fi?
Bye Bye!
Wi-Fi is a brutal and confirmed human carcinogen.
Wi-Fi is a slow-kill human pesticide.
 Wi-Fi is the convergence of mass genocide with mass suicide.
    Brought to world by the Wi-Fi Alliance and an mighty army of Wi-Fi profiteers,  Wi-F is a violent mechanical energy which takes seizes electromagnetic command of the human body.  Slamming right through biological tissues, it forces cells and molecules to oscillate at 2.45 to 6 billion cycles per second, depending on the configuration of antennas. The literature is packed with medical and scientific evidence showing that microwave frequencies used for W-Fi are sufficient to inflict catastrophic biological deconstruction.
A nation that blindly tolerates the ubiquitous abuse of Wi-Fi
is a nation of whipped dogs who lack the cognitive ability
to read the science and understand what the science means!
   Wi-Fi frequencies are too high on the electromagnetic spectrum to be audible to the human ear. But good microwave detection equipment allows us to HEAR the pulsing data streams of Wi-Fi that pollute the environment everywhere now --indoors and outdoors.
   Take a moment to listen to the Wi-Fi woodpecker signal and additional data voltage in the YouTube video below. Hopefully, your Internet connection is Ethernet-cabled directly to your computer without a wireless router/modem. If not, you are suffering from violent molecular abuse, oxidative stress and massive free radical damage delivered by jackhammering effects of wave-carcinogen made audible by this demonstration.  Wi-Fi is not just a "little noise." Wi-Fi is powerful molecular manipulation that commits horrendous damage to human DNA, especially over the hours, days, years during which most people are exposed.
   You can sneer, you can laugh, but here is the truth: people expert in testing human vital energy --for example through muscle testing-- have discovered that even if you are personally in a microwave-free zone when you listen to the sound of Wi-Fi in the video below, the mere sound of Wi-Fi drastically reduces the body's vital energy-- snuffed like a candle in the wind.
   Wi-Fi is a malignant signal force that is absolutely anti-life.
Wi-Fi makes buildings "Sick."
Go ahead, drain your body's energy by listening to the sound of Wi-Fi below
Wi-Fi poisons the environment with multiple channels
within these carcinogenic frequency bands:
2.4 gigahertz
 3.6 gigahertz
 4.9 gigahertz
 5.0 gigahertz
   5.9 gigahertz  
 60  gigahertz
 A human body perpetually bombarded with Wi-Fi
at home, workplace, school, medical center or shopping venue
needs a radiation hazmat suit like this for adequate cell protection:
 The microwave frequencies propagated for Wi-Fi are well-documented to:
Drain the body of vital energy 
 Obliterate the DNA
Disable cellular mitochondria
Disconnect the immune system
Damage the brain
Deform the blood and impair the cardiovascular system
  Imbalance blood sugar and increase the risk of diabetes
Cause eye damage and cataracts
Reduce fertility and hinder reproduction
Initiate/accelerate tumors and blood cancers  
Click on the picture below for partial documentation
on the bio-hazards of a typical Wi-Fi-polluted home, workplace or school.
 And here's the rest of the story:     
Wi-Fi deploys unlicensed radio spectrum that remains completely unregulated.
 Anyone, anywhere can propagate for profit the pulsed radio signals of Wi-Fi
--at any power density desired--
and escape liability for the disastrous health effects unleashed!
     By 2016, the U.S. Toxicology Program (NTP) had confirmed significant heart and brain cancer among rats exposed to GSM or CDMA cell phone signals.  Irradiated animals also showed high levels of DNA damage, hyperplasia pre-cancer cells and other types of damage to both brain and heart tissues. [4] Wi-Fi technologies bombard human cells with higher frequencies even more violent in terms of oscillation than those used on NTP test animals. In addition, NTP test animals were irradiated only 9 hours per day over two years. Most Americans --wherever they go-- are bombarded with environmental Wi-Fi radiofrequencies 24 hours per day, over decades.  
 Wi-Fi technologies have never been pre-market tested for human health safety.
Therefore, the National Toxicology Program, under auspices of the US Department of Health and Human Services, has an urgent obligation
to complete proper biological studies on the above listed Wi-Fi frequencies!
    Wi-Fi is unproven technology in the same category as painting radium on watches, fluoroscoping children's feet in shoe stores, stuffing attics with asbestos and exposing military personnel to atomic bomb tests. Although Wi-Fi radiation has unlimited potential to inflict illness, impair genetic integrity and endanger human life, the US population has conditioned to beg for it.  Most mobile devices are Wi-Fi enabled and millions of  kids are seduced into heavy and obsessive use of Wi-Fi for playing online games, checking social media, streaming videos/movies or music anytime, anywhere. Smart home hubs, wireless security systems and voice-controlled robots like Amazon Echo swamp the body with Wi-Fi carcinogen. Wi-Fi is now so acculturated that nearly every residential, commercial, official and industrial building in the USA is saturated with its numerous deadly frequencies and modulations.
    Popular allegiance to Wi-Fi has evolved into groupthink similar to cult hypnosis. Even when presented with compelling medical facts about the documented health dangers, the entrained masses submit to the tyranny of Wi-Fi, much like those who once gave unquestioning salute to the German Nazi experiment. There is no national public forum for discussion of disastrous health effects, nor dialogue on the prohibitive economic burden of radiation-induced epidemics, including diabetes and resulting heart damage.  There is no accommodation for those who object to --or for those who are immediately sickened by-- compulsory gigahertz exposure. There is certainly no compensation for the inevitable biological and genetic damage of Wi-Fi frequencies.
   Because Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, and therefore compulsory for all Americans,
 Wi-Fi is Techno-Totalitarianism.
  An Overview of Wi-Fi
      Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) involves a complex and ever-expanding assortment of wireless networking technologies. Wi-Fi is a type of modulation which carries two-way microwave signals between a fixed base station (access point) and wireless devices. Newer, ultra-smart systems are using maximized signal strength, beamforming radio techniques and point-to-multipoint bridge technologies to deliver Wi-Fi connectivity to large institutional and commercial venues.  Industrial grade Wi-Fi systems deliver streaming data across hundreds of acres to thousands of mobile customers simultaneously, while steering radio signals around obstructions and achieving penetration of even concrete structures
     Microwave energy delivered by Wi-Fi is well-documented to damage the eyes. In 1988, before the USA had lost its marbles, researchers with the University of Chicago warned: "Microwaves most commonly cause anterior and/or posterior subcapsular lenticular opacities in experimental animals, and as shown in epidemiologic studies and case reports, in human subjects.  The formation of cataracts seems to be related directly to the power of the microwave and the duration of exposure."  Furthermore, microwave eye damage is identical to cataracts induced by ionizing radiation (X-ray, gamma waves):  "Like cataract formation by microwaves, cataractogenesis induced by ionizing radiation is associated with damage to the lens cell membrane. Another possible mechanism is damage to lens cell DNA....Until further definitive conclusions about the mechanism of microwaves and ionizing cataracts are reached, and alternative protective measures are found, one can only recommend mechanical shielding from these radiations to minimize the possibility of development of radiation-induced cataracts." [5] 
    Tell that to little school kids in Wi-Fi classrooms.  Tell that to college students paying high tuition to attend radiation-soaked campuses where everyone is required to worship the mobile small screen, required to live, study and play in ubiquitous Wi-Fi pollution from which there is no escape. Tell that to millions of US workers who labor near Wi-Fi access points with no hazard warnings and no eye protection whatsoever. 
     Wi-Fi electromagnetic signals are complex. They are comprised of two basic components: the ultra high frequency carrier waves and the low-frequency, modulated (ELF) signals, which contain the data and ride along on the carrier signals.  There is ample published evidence that it is the pulsed, low-frequency signals riding on the carrier waves which commit the most biological damage. Wi-Fi is embedded with an even wider range of pulsed signal modulations than mobile phones because Wi-Fi signals carry super heavy streams of data. Wi-Fi signals utilize BOTH single-carrier, direct-sequence spread spectrum AND multi-carrier orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radio technologies.  OFDM signals include dozens of subcarriers (streams of data) and a variety of modulations (pulse patterns) which can be applied to each subcarrier. [6]
   Wi-Fi is propagated at very high frequencies, so its gigahertz wavelengths are short. The higher the frequency, the more violent the oscillation and excitation of human cells. The shorter the waves, the deeper the flesh penetration. Experts warn: "Pulses carried by microwaves are particularly dangerous. This is because their very short wavelength allows the transmission of pulses with extremely rapid rise and fall times, and it is the rate of change of the fields (rather than their total energy) that does the most biological damage; it catapults vital calcium ions away from cell membranes, which in turn makes them leak. This leakage can explain the great majority of observed adverse health effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation." [7]
   Medical science bluntly states that the data-bearing electromagnetic signals of Wi-Fi can disrupt growth, development, metabolism and repair of the human body. "Artificial bioelectrical interference can give false information (disruptive signaling) sufficient to affect critical pacemaker cells (of the heart, gut and brain) and desynchronize functions of these important cells that orchestrate function and maintain health." [8]
     Therefore, great Wi-Fi everywhere, all the time 
 endangers human eyesight and degenerates human health.

    In 2015, a team of scientists reviewed all available age-specific medical literature to determine which populations are most susceptible to biological damage from such electromagnetic assault. Their analysis found that existing studies "indicate specific vulnerabilities in the young (fetus to adolescent) the elderly and those with cancer." [9]  Nevertheless, Wi-Fi is now a mandatory carcinogen in almost all hospitals, elder care facilities and schools across America.  Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, M.D., who has long warned about the hazards of microwave radiation for children, says of Wi-Fi in public schools:  "It's a sad state of affairs when parents, scientists and medical doctors are on their knees to politicians and salesmen begging for protection for the health of our children." [10]

     The numerous microwave frequencies of Wi-Fi are among those designated as Group 2B carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). This designation was approved in 2011 by 31 scientists from 14 countries. IARC confirms that microwave radiation easily passes into human flesh to couple with the body "resulting in induced electric and magnetic fields and associated currents inside tissues....Induced fields within the body are highly non-uniform, varying over several orders of magnitude, with local hotspots." [11]
    Thirty-five years ago a NASA document described precisely how these microwave currents, gushing through the flesh of most Americans 24/7, override the natural frequencies of cells and organs: "...The body may be regarded as a collection of countless electronic microcircuits, each one corresponding to a cell or part thereof. Electromagnetic energy somehow finds its way to individual microcircuits and influences the electronic functions there. These functions include various communication and control processes essential to life and its activities." [12]
    This information confirms that Wi-Fi peddlers are experimenting with, and profiting from, a man made energy force that can influence, interrupt and even terminate biological life on this planet. As polarized Wi-Fi currents rip through the body, they force every cell and molecule to oscillate in phase at billions of hertz. Therefore, people continuously infused with this brutal radiation actually become Wi-Fi so to speak.
  Rule: humans ARE the frequencies at which the flesh is forced to vibrate.
    Non-ionizing Wi-Fi puts humans at the same risk for genetic damage and cancer as chronic exposure to ionizing X-radiation and gamma wave radiation. [13] The ways in which living tissues respond to relentless and repetitive Wi-Fi injury differ from person to person. Variables include age, height, body mass, genetics, health status, underlying physiological conditions, dielectric properties of the tissues, as well as the frequency, pulse modulation, polarization and direction of wave incidence on the body. Therefore, each human, animal, insect and plant under cumulative Wi-Fi assault will respond in unique ways during the inevitable downward spiral to weakness and disease. However, one biological effect appears to be universal and nearly instantaneous. This dangerous effect on almost every Wi-irradiated person can be confirmed with dark field microscopy:
Microwave radiation agglutinates (clumps) and deforms human blood cells. [14]
     Deranged blood affects all systems of the body.  Yet,  in the white heat of "technological advancement," Wi-Fi fans are never warned that microwave radiation is documented to induce at least 13 categories of sickness and disability. People chronically exposed to Wi-Fi are doomed to end up with ill health, but they don't seek medical help complaining of Wi-Fi overload. With no idea as to the root cause of their suffering, they complain of the myriad, microwave-induced conditions LISTED HERE.
The Great Experiment
    Two of the world's most highly-credentialed and experienced radiation scientists, Marko Markov and Yuri Grigoriev, confirm that Wi-Fi technology is "an uncontrolled global experiment on the health of mankind." This radiation, they say, is being irresponsibly delivered to seven billion people with no criteria for hazard, no monitoring, no research, no prevention of side effects and no available treatment for the inevitable fallout. This disaster is unfolding, they say, because of the "power of the industry and the failure of the scientific community." [15]
   The Waking Times also gets to the crux of the matter: "Governments and Big Telecom have gotten away with foisting Wi-Fi on all of us, knowing the deep health risks, yet due to the difficult connections between invisible radiation, the length of time it takes to get sick from Wi-Fi exposure and the legality escape clause of "plausible deniability," they have continued to enjoy blanket immunity. Additionally, in big business where no one goes to jail and the regulators are in bed with the corporations, they can hide inconvenient truths from the public, free from fear of prosecution." [16]
     Most tragically, there is ferocious commercial momentum to ensure that every American child is early inducted into Wi-Fi addiction. Adolescents play for hours with wireless gaming units and play stations that emit high voltage gigahertz frequencies. Tiny children play for hours with Wi-Fi-enabled kiddie phones and tablets that allow them to wirelessly connect with parents and friends. Toy manufacturers seek to bury children in a quagmire of wireless wearables, remote controlled gadgets, dolls and stuffed toys loaded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas. Although the media is now warning that Wi-Fi toys are hackable by perverts and profile predators, [17] the health hazards of Wi-Fi are never discussed. Parents and educators, obsessed with "child safety," remain strangely inconversant about chronic exposure of young children to carcinogenic wave radiation from wireless playthings.

  Vic Hayes,a Dutch radar engineer dubbed the Father of Wi-Fi, has stated: “Anything that needs communications or control will be wirelessly connected—from your freezer to the TV, from the light switch to the most sophisticated laptop. Wireless will be ubiquitous…I personally wanted to have it everywhere.” [18] Vic Hayes has long labored with a global army of powerful corporate Wi-interests to bring his lucrative and lethal vision to pass. 
    Wi-Fi is among the most valuable assets of the Wi-radiation industry. It generates $billions in annual revenues. The engine for today’s ever-evolving Wi-Fi technology is a combination of official and commercial interests. The guts of this engine is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a consortium of industry and military agents, renown for blatantly ignoring and denying any and all medical research which threatens commercial and military interests. IEEE assigns specific and uniform criteria for the design of wireless electronic systems. Its recommendations form the bedrock of medically-indefensible RF/microwave exposure guidelines adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

     By 1996, IEEE had completed its first WLAN standard for Wi-Fi system compatibility. The IEEE established the first international 802.11 Wi-Fi standard in 1997. That same year Vic Hayes became first chair of the Regulatory Committee of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a powerful wireless association which promotes Wi-Fi technologies and which owns the Wi-Fi trademark. Wikipedia reports that in 2003, the first US airport to unleash Wi-Fi pollution was the Pittsburgh International Airport. In 2005, St. Cloud, Florida, and Sunnyvale, California, became the first US cities to offer free urban Wi-Fi.
    Wi-Fi Alliance member companies include: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Apple, Comcast, Samsung, Sony, LG, Intel, Dell, Broadcom, Cisco, Motorola, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, T-Mobile and the other carriers. The Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Austin, Texas, and its website boasts: "To date, our more than 600 member companies have certified more than 25,000 products in one of nineteen authorized test laboratories worldwide, and that number grows daily." Such testing is based on technical parameters, such as non-interference with other radio systems, and has nothing to do with ascertaining or controlling the effects of Wi-Fi on human health.
    Wi-Fi profiteers are tobacco industry clones on steroids. Year after year, it increases its unfathmonable wealth by inducing American consumers to "load the van" with an endless array of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and propagation systems. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Alliance, even rural people, who less affected by cell tower and rooftop antennas, can easily obtain painful health deterioration by shopping for over 25,000 certified Wi-Fi products with which to irradiate their homes, vehicles and work spaces. Take a good audio microwave detector to any remote village across America and you will hear the toxic "sizzle" of Wi-Fi  blasting from most homes and hovels. Because Wi-Fi systems and devices are used on or near the body, most people actually encounter and absorb more Wi-Fi voltage than they do cell tower radiation.
     The Alliance is an engine behind 5G and it has big plans for expanding Wi-Fi pollution globally as it gleefully promotes the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies, plus virtual and augmented reality upon the uniformed masses. A logo of the Wi-Fi Alliance demonstrates the arrogance of these Techno-Totalitarians: "Connecting everyone and everything, everywhere." This logo should more accurately read: "Irradiating and carcinogenizing everyone and everything, everywhere." Although many conscientious and informed people do not care to be perpetually inundated with environmental wave carcinogen which endangers their lives, this logo clearly assumes that every knee shall bow to the Great and Glorious Microwave. If the masses are ultimately rendered too damaged and too sick to get off their knees, tough luck!
How the Poison is Administered
      The variety and potency of today's microwave weaponry is formidable.  Pulsing Wi-Fi signals are so complex that even radio engineers are challenged to understand and manage them. [19]  Here is a list of the main carrier signal frequencies of Wi-Fi.  Keep in mind that each category of carrier signal discussed below has numerous channels (2.43, 2.45, 2.47 gigahertz, etc.).  So all people are exposed to a wide and ever-changing range of frequencies within each of the categories listed below.
2.45 gigahertz (oscillates human cells 2.45 billion times per second) This is the most commonly used Wi-Fi frequency. It is the microwave oven frequency (ovens just use a higher power density than Wi-Fi). The 2.45 gigahertz is also used for Bluetooth technologies.  Unlicensed ISM radio bands in the 2.45 gigahertz frequency realm are reserved for scientific, medical and industrial uses. There has been a rapid growth in medical devices that incorporate 2.45 gigahertz wireless technology, by authorization of the FCC and FDA.  No human clinical trials are conducted before these Category 2B carcinogenic devices are put on the market. They are merely assumed "safe" by profit-driven forces which brazenly demonstrate their conviction that technology comes first, human life last.
3.5 to 3.7 gigahertz (oscillates human cells 3.5 billion times per second) This frequency, used in US Navy radar operations, is now being tested for various consumer Wi-Fi applications, as well as for cellular communications. Both Sprint and Google are reportedly experimenting with this frequency realm in certain US cities for small cell antenna deployment. [20]
5 to 5.9 gigahertz (oscillates human cells 5 to 6 billion times per second)  Medical science has barely begun to investigate the bioeffects of the five gigahertz frequency band with its numerous channels.  Many Wi-Fi systems employ dual band frequencies of 2.45 and 5 gigahertz; some devices can deliver both frequencies simultaneously. There are virtually no studies showing exactly what happens to human cells when they are irradiated at 2.5 billion polarity oscillations per second while simultaneously being brutalized by a second radiation source oscillating at 5 billion times per second.  Meantime, the FCC has proposed introduction of a new microwave spectrum that would allow Wi-Fi systems to unleash experimental frequencies between 5.47 and 5.725 gigahertz.
White Spaces Wi-Fi (WHITE-Fi) Under development across the USA since 2009 are new, experimental and ultra-powerful Wi-Fi systems which utilize the so-called "white space" spectrum of 400 to 700 megahertz, oscillating the flesh at millions of hertz.  In 2010, the FCC set the rules for the White Spaces spectrum, which utilizes available spectrum between television channel frequencies. Super Wi-Fi increases signal distance, efficiently penetrates structures and supports powerful mobile Internet devices like smart phones and tablets. Some "Super Wi-Fi" systems can reportedly propagate Wi-Fi data for miles. By 2011, a Super Wi-Fi system was unleashed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2012, the first public Super Wi-Fi network was launched in Wilmington, North Carolina.  In 2013, a campus Super Wi-Fi network was launched at West Virginia University.  Under duress from Google, Microsoft and other members of the White Spaces Coalition, the FCC has announced plans to build Super Wi-Fi networks across the USA for free public Wi-Fi access, even in rural areas. [21] As the new Super Wi-Fi systems continue to metastasize, new super networks of carcinogenic antennas must be deployed. 
60 gigahertz (millimeter waves which oscillates human flesh 60 billion times per second) US airline passengers are routinely irradiated with experimental millimeter waves as they march through airport body scanners. By 2010, the industry was boasting of its plans to market 60 gigahertz equipment for "robust" and "insanely fast" wireless networking. Wi-Fi technologies in the 60 gigahertz frequency band are nicknamed "Wi-Gig" by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, an organization cooperating with the Wi-Fi Alliance to excrete new 60 gigahertz technologies. Millimeter waves penetrate substances as X-rays do, but they are technically problematic because oxygen and water highly absorb these ultra short waves, making them difficult to propagate through atmospheric rain and fog. [22] As the ray masters labor feverishly to unleash new high-band microwave weaponry, they have never explained how this radiation affects human bodies composed of water and oxygen. With little public information, no national discussion and no pre-market testing for potential bio-hazards, the Wi-Gig project is metastasizing with 5G as yet another gruesome experiment being conducted in violation of international conventions prohibiting human experimentation without informed consent.
30-100 gigahertz (millimeter wave frequencies which oscillate flesh 30 to 100 billion times per second) By the year 2009, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory announced that high-band waves "can unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication." [23]  Nevertheless, Google, which by 2013 was reported to have 48 billion in cash reserves [24] is now in the first stages of its Project Loon, slated to bombard the entire earth with numerous bizarre microwave frequencies, including 70-90 millimeter waves. Loon is an experimental new "cell tower" network to be constructed 12 miles above the earth with thousands of antennas mounted on balloons and unmanned drones.
  Wi-Fi HaLow: 900 megahertz (oscillates flesh 900 million times per second) The Wi-Fi Alliance and the IEEE have just introduced this brand new Wi-Fi protocol-- the first to operate in frequency bands under one gigahertz. Wi-Fi  HaLow features low power efficiency and nearly twice the propagation range as regular Wi-Fi signals (which means that HaLow systems can broadcast their poisonous effects for about 600 feet). The new HaLow technology is for: the "smart home," connected cars (death mobiles) and digital medical technologies. Promoters report that HaLow can provide more "robust" connections in challenging environments where the ability to penetrate walls or other barriers is an important consideration. Upon reading Wi-industry specs, it becomes obvious that, for the ruthless forces which deploy violent microwave technologies against all living things, penetration is everything-- and the deeper the better.
Human Test Rats Are Us!
     Wi-Fi has been commercially available in the US only since 2000.  Hand it to them, the Wizards of Wi have done wonders! Today, with no legal or moral impediments, they are experimentally, haphazardly and coercively delivering Wi-Fi sickness to humanity through:
Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices: phones, tablets, computers, baby monitors and toys
Wireless gaming consoles and TV/entertainment systems
Outdoor access point antennas on utility poles and street furniture
Indoor WLAN networks complete with wireless modems, routers and signal boosters

Commercial, official and private tracking/surveillance systems like RING (door bell cameras)

Domestic and commercial security alarm systems

Smart meter mesh networks and interacting smart appliances

Infotainment systems installed in cars, trucks, planes and trains

 Consumer drone (UAV) technologies
Satellite/balloon antenna arrays
Wi-Fi antennas mounted everywhere on cell towers and rooftop antenna arrays 

     Seen below, is an industrial grade Wi-Fi antenna dish mounted on top of a commercial structure. This particular two-way radio antenna installation literally "bombed" the inhabitants of the building with ultra-powerful gigahertz radiation. Even when all of the Wi-Fi-enabled computers and devices inside of the building were turned off, the indoor pollution from the roof-mounted antenna installation continued to "scream" throughout the rooms of the building. 
   Patients sitting in the room directly under this installation were especially affected and finally this antenna was removed. People brutalized by Wi-Fi from such powerful Internet dish antenna services are provided with no health warnings. Most don't realize how their health can be impacted by high-frequency radiation which blasts perpetually downward and inward into inhabited spaces, because they can't see, hear or smell this poison. Only when empowered with an audio microwave meter to hear and measure the Category 2B carcinogen from such antennas do victims come to grips with how intensely they are being abused by this dangerous pollution.
   Another example of the deleterious effects of Wi-Fi radiation are dual-band Wi-Fi routers and entertainment systems, which contaminate homes and multi-family dwellings. An example is Comcast's Xfinity router system, featuring two super powerful antennas, each with two channels.  One antenna emits 2.45 gigahertz, the other 5 gigahertz.
     Jeromy Johnson, a former Silicon Valley engineer and a safe technology advocate, writes: "Thus far in 2015, I have been contacted by multiple people who have reported being injured by the new Xfinity Wi-Fi routers....Rather than just delivering your Internet and cable, Comcast is using your new Xfinity router as a gateway into your "smart home" and to deliver WiFi service to anyone within a few hundred feet of your home. The plan is to turn their customers' homes into public "hotspots" with the result that Wi-Fi is nearly ubiquitous in our communities.....This is another huge corporation taking advantage of virtually no safety regulations in order to maximize profits at the expense of human health and the environment." [25]
   Another example of universal Wi-Fi overload is smart meter systems installed on millions of US residential and commercial buildings.  Seen below is a typical bank of smart meters mounted on a multi-family complex.  People living in units closest to such multiple microwave-emitters often report severe health degradation. Many victims say they never recover normal health after such acute exposure.
     In addition to containing radios that beam cellular communications signals to pole-mounted transceivers, mesh smart meters are equipped with home area network radios which emit 2.45 Wi-Fi gigahertz (Zigbee), mainly in order to communicate with "smart" appliances in the home. Says one concerned researcher of the newer, second generation Landis Gyr meters now being installed in Arizona: "In addition to the four times more intense microwave transmissions of the new Landis and Gyr smart meters, another layer of microwave radiation may be added on top of that to pollute peoples' environments--at least 8 times per minute (11,520 per day) and much, much more for people living near banks of meters." [26]
     Other pernicious sources of Wi-Fi radiation are baby monitors and surveillance security systems. Millions of US buildings are perpetually irradiated with 2.45 to 6 gigahertz to accommodate wireless surveillance systems, many of which allow remote viewing from wireless phones and tablets.
    Security systems are important for personal safety and property protection, but the question is, can true security be obtained by using carcinogenic wave radiation which extracts such a horrific cost to human and pet health? Wired home security systems are more expensive and time consuming to mount, but they prevent the gross biological ramifications of relentless wireless radiation exposure.
     The current craze for personal voice assissant technologies  generates a huge source of Wi-Fi radiation within buildings. 
The Brutality of Bluetooth
    Introduced to American consumers over a decade ago, Bluetooth is wireless radio technology which endangers the environment with unlicensed and unregulated 2.45 gigahertz radiation in order to communicate and connect electronic devices within a short-range wireless network. Bluetooth is intended for portable equipment and it allows inanimate objects like a vending machine, a grocery store shelf or a sweater to communicate with each other, or with a computer.  Bluetooth enables Wi-fanatics to deploy several radiation-emitting devices simultaneously and induce multiple streams of DNA-busting energy between: smartphones, tablets, headsets, gaming systems, smart watches, fitness monitors, electronic scales, speakers, headphones, computer key boards/mice, printers, smart tags for item tracking, medical monitors, etc.  Compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth uses lower power and broadcasts with simpler communication protocols.
    Bluetooth technologies are managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), an organization with more than 25,000 member companies representing telecom, networking and consumer electronics.  Wi-industry leaders celebrate that within the next five years, there will be 19 billion Bluetooth-capable gadgets shipped across the globe to deliver their perpetual and carcinogenic payload into living flesh. [27] They are also celebrating the newest Bluetooth beacon technologies being peddled across the globe. Bluetooth beacons, created for public venues and even roadways, propagate 2.45 gigahertz signals into selected zones, allowing official, medical and commercial interests to track, monitor and target-advertise anyone who enters that zone while carrying Bluetooth-connected devices. [28]

    The Bluetooth protocol, which includes Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart, operates in the license-free ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) band. Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth Smart Ready) provides newer Wi-products, such as fitness wearables, with persistent Internet ties and robust power to interact with smart phones. While Class Two and Class Three Bluetooth have a range of about 30 feet, Class One Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart have a broadcast range of about 300 feet. 
    Among newer Bluetooth devices is a medical sensor system which can detect bowel activity.  Adhering to a person’s abdomen, a sensor signals a partnering smart phone about movements and swellings within the bowel so that a toilet can be expeditiously found. Such a system exposes a person wearing both the monitor and a smart phone to carcinogenic wave energy from at least two always-on radio devices simultaneously.  READ HERE

     As with all other wireless systems, no pre-market human clinical trials are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ascertain exactly how near-field Bluetooth radiation affects the skin, the blood, internal organs and the nervous system (not to mention existing cancers) of people continually flesh-irradiated over the long-term. Federal publications confirm that the FDA is mainly concerned with proper application paperwork and with certification that ISM devices do not cause radio frequency interference with other wireless technologies. Because Bluetooth radiation is propagated at non-thermal power levels, the archaic assumption is that, in regards to human safety, everything is “cool.”  

     But medical science has long confirmed that even very low-powered and very weak microwave fields can cause horrific effects. Environmental expert Cindy Sage, who co-edited the Bio-Initiative Report, explains what low-energy Bluetooth means in terms of specific absorption rates (SAR): “People should realize that Bluetooth devices that fit in or around the ear typically radiate at .23 Watts per kilogram (W/kg)….You’ll find the Bluetooth devices are actually worse than some low-SAR phones. This level of .23 W/kg is 10 to 100 times higher than the RF exposure levels shown to make the blood-brain barrier pathologically leaky, allowing toxins and toxic molecules to cross the BBB….The lowest exposure SARs are worse than the higher SAR exposures (Nittby et al., 2009). These studies show neuron death (brain cells) at SARs of only 0.012 W/kg. Bluetooth devices are worn for hours at a time, in some cases, all day long….” [29] 

    In addition to the high-frequency radiation, Bluetooth devices are notorious for generating very high ELF electromagnetic fields, sometimes in the hundreds of milligauss. It is generally accepted that health risks, especially for children, begin at ELF exposures over four milligauss.  

  Vested Interests Behind the Wi-Fi Frenzy

      While the lemmings rush to Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience and diversion, the major power brokers of this world appear to be steering Wi-Fi for at least three major, but unstated purposes:
Governments: Unlimited surveillance and tracking capabilities
Corporations: Unlimited profits and access to consumer identity, behavior and preferences
Population Planners and Eugenicists: Unlimited and furtive population reduction

The Spy Networks:
      Wi-Fi mesh networks and Wi-Fi-enabled devices have become indispensable tools for round-the-clock totalitarian tracking and surveillance of the entire US population. Whistleblower Edward Snowden, who spent his early career building digital surveillance systems for US Intelligence agencies, has confirmed that since 9-11, the US government has been actively engaged in illegal spying on everyone in the United States. He warned: "For now, know that every border you cross, every purchase you make, every call you dial, every cell tower you pass, friend you key, article you write, subject line you type and packet you route is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited, but whose safeguards are not." [30]
      Seen above are pole-mounted access points for a highly invasive Wi-Fi surveillance and tracking system recently provided to the Seattle Police Department through federal funding. These pole-mounted "Wi-eyes" are capable of remotely data-mining a passing mobile user's IP address, the mobile device type, apps used, current location and even the historical location of the user down to the last 1,000 places visited by the targeted individual. The information gathered by such data mining systems then becomes available to numerous local, state and federal agencies. This same kind of invasive spy system is metastasizing into commercial tracking networks, including RADAR  billboards, which combine facial recognition and mobile phone tracking to allow corporate watchers to assess travel and shopping patterns of individuals. [31]
    Such invasive type of data-mining system is now being deployed at many US border crossing stations. Nexus cards, EDL's (enhanced drivers licenses) and EIDs (enhanced identification cards) issued to an increasing number of US travelers are embedded with high-frequency RFID transmitter chips. Ultra high frequency RFID technology permits the reading of documents up to sixty feet away. [32]
    Meantime, expanding wireless spy networks needed to keep track of mostly law-abiding American citizens include "smart" street lights and signs equipped with wireless mesh transceivers or small cell communications radios used to "control, monitor and maintain the sensory world," for the closely-watched masses below. This privacy-trampling trend is vomiting spin-off technologies for remote monitoring of even human bodily functions. Consider the Wi-Z system, recently introduced at MIT: "Researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) transmitted a low-power wireless signal through a wall and measured how long it took the signals to bounce back. Changes in the signals allowed the team to measure movement, even minute chest movements (of people on the other side of the wall). Based on a chest rising and falling, the CSAIL group can determine their heart rate with 99 percent accuracy. The system can track up to four people at a time. " [33]
     When such invasive radiation-spewing systems might be created specifically to terminate the heart rate of four people at a time is anyone's guess. In this lawless age of unbridled electronic trespass, one might seriously ask if there is anything in science fiction literature that could compare to the current ghastly situation of America, the Wi-irradiated?
The Commercial Data Mining Racket:
    Commercial interests are now proficient at using Wi-Fi technologies for consumer tracking, data mining and profit making. For example, a corporate coalition called Intersection, partially owned by Google-backed Sidewalk Labs, has partnered with the government of New York City to transform thousands of old telephone booths across the city into Wi-Fi kiosks. These new hotspots, touted to be the "fastest and largest municipal Wi-Fi network in the world," are expected to generate an estimated $500 million in ad revenues per year. The kiosks sucks in wireless screen users who, while receiving their prescribed dose of additional, up-close Wi-Fi radiation, can have their individual wireless devices data-mined for information, insuring their eternal bombardment with personalized advertising.
       Writer Kevin Samson says: "Boston is working to expand a 'Wicked Free Wi-Fi' network with over 170 hot spots, and Los Angeles is encouraging private companies to provide free basic wireless to all homes and businesses, with outdoor coverage as a goal....It's about the rise of fully connected Smart Cities that are multi-use, imposed without debate, and are very easily warped for less than noble purposes. It's about merging the domestic 'Internet of Things,' with an industrial smart grid that is part of a technocracy endgame as defined by the UN's Agenda 21. It is an all-encompassing agenda that has political support and the investment of every major tech company on the planet." [34]
 Population Reduction Projects:  Wi-Fi Sterilizes
     Wi-Fi technologies are the ultimate tool for imposing furtive and involuntary fertility reduction, plus possible pregnancy termination. Gigahertz radiation is not only renown for causing genetic damage to DNA, chromosomes and genes, but also for imposing serious impediments upon both female and male reproductive processes. The greater the mass exposure to Wi-Fi radiation, the greater the desired reproductive effects will be. British microwave expert Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy warns that Wi-Fi in schools "may be particularly hazardous for pregnant teachers." [35]  In fact, Wi-Fi may be particularly hazardous for pregnant women of any profession.
     Medical literature spanning decades is fairly loaded with references to RF/microwave damage to reproductive systems and processes. Wi-Fi radiation specifically affects the appearance, motility and viability of sperm while damaging its DNA. The 2.45 gigahertz used for Wi-Fi has also been shown to produce utero-placental circulatory disturbances and ovarian and placental dysfunction during pregnancy. Microwaves in the 2.45 gigahertz spectrum are linked to increased embryo/and fetal death in animals.  Microwaves are also linked to spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).
      All American sperm, ova cells, embryos and fetuses are now infused with Wi-Fi radiation to varying degrees. Women of reproductive age --and all female fetuses-- carry ovarian follicle cells which are absolutely radiation-defenseless. "The problem with young girls is that microwave radiation has been shown to damage the genetic structure in their ovaries. Girls are born with all of the eggs they need in their ovaries at birth...The problem here is that the mitochondrial DNA, the genes inside the ovaries, is irreparable. If you have a little girl in whom there is damage through this mechanism to the genetic structure in one of her eggs, and she has a daughter, that daughter will carry that genetic problem. It is irreparable. And her daughter in turn will carry that genetic problem, because it is irreparable. And every female forever, in that line, will carry that problem in perpetuity, because it is irreparable." [36]
      And it is not just the female fetus that can be reproduction-damaged by wireless radiation.  A new medical report indicates that male fetuses can also be rendered infertile by environmental pollution, even while they are still in the womb: "Sperm counts are declining and there is mounting evidence that the problem starts even before birth, says Dr. Gillian Lockwood, medical director for Midland Fertility Clinic. She cites growing evidence that although the process of sperm production --known as spermatogenesis-- starts in adolescence, the crucial preparations are made in the few months before and after birth....Experts talk of a window of testicular development that begins in the growing foetus and ends in the first six months of life.  Problems in this period mean that the baby boy may never be able to produce babies of his own." [37]
     And so, the microwave-irradiated American children of today, even though they may appear normal at birth, could easily carry in their genetic makeup the sins of their fathers and mothers. The defects lurking in their genome will become most tragically obvious in future generations.
 Wi-Fi Lobotomizes:
The Great American Brain Robbery
 Mcrowave Radiation That Makes This Guy Sick and Stupid
 Destroys Human Brains Too!

    From formulating new pharma drugs to testing dietary supplements, mice and rats and other small rodents have long play a huge role in modern medical research. They are easy to work with in the laboratory while their anatomy, physiology and genetics are well-understood by researchers. They are used in behavioral, sensory, aging, nutrition and genetic studies because their genetic, biological and behavior characteristics closely resemble those of humans. "Rats and mice are mammals that share many processes with humans and are appropriate for use to answer many research questions," said Jenny Haliski, a representative for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.  "Why Do Medical Researchers Use Mice?" 11-16-2010.

     Researchers for this site abhor the use of animals for medical and scientific experimentation and we applaud the concerns of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA):  "Mice, rabbits, monkeys, pigs. horses and other animals aren't tools to be caged, burned, poisoned, starved and mutilated.  In laboratories,  they have no control over any aspect of their lives--they live in fear and are denied everything that could bring them joy and comfort. Studies show that even hearing the doorknob turn makes their hearts race and their blood pressure rise." [1]  PETA Global Issue 3, Autumn 2017  LINK
    But federal law does not allow medical researchers to experiment on humans in such a way to deliberately cause them harm (however, the Wireless Radiation Industry gets a free pass for that) then kill and dissect them to examine tissues. We cite the following animal studies with thanks and respect for the creatures who were sacrificed for this research. Crucial information provided by these  studies must help bring to an end our current barbaric era in which Americans  --now treated as open-air lab animals-- are forcibly and chronically microwaved without their informed consent for corporate profits.  
   Studies on microwave damage to the brain are being churned out from labs across the world and the published, peer-reviewed information is becoming an avalanche now. As researchers, we literally cannot keep up with the endless stream of new data available, nor can we possiblly present here all information collected.   Listed here is the best and most recent information that makes clear the urgency of swindle and scandal perpetrated by a ruthless industry that cares nothing for human life or for the millions of children brutilized and exploited for over thirty years of wireless exploitation.  These studies ought to convince parents that wireless devices are gifts that keep on giving, namely: cancer, brain damage and mental illness.
  Cell Phone Radiation Induces Cognitive Impairment and Inflammation in Rat Brains
Indian scientists used common cell phone frequencies of 900 megahertz and 1.8 gigahertz to induce significant impairment in cognitive function and to create oxidative stress and inflammation in the brains of Fischer lab rats. 
"Microwave Radiationn Induced Oxidative Stress, Cognitive Impairment and Inflammation in Brain of Fischer Rats," Megha et al., Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 2012 December; 50(12) 889-96.
 Cell Phone Radiation Damages Long Term Memory
University researchers trained rats to swim to a reward platform in such a way that they were forced to use their long-term memories to repeat this task. While non-irradiated rats were easily able to use long-term memory in subsequent swimming sessions, animals irradiated for  only one hour with  pulsed microwave radiation similar to that emitted by 2G cell phones performed poorly and exhibited damage to both spatial learning and memory.  
Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Microwaves Suffer Long-Term Memory Loss, According to New Study by University of Washington Researcher, www.sciencedaily, 12-02-1999.
Cell Phone Radiation Significantly Reduces Memory Function
Eight researchers in Sweden exposed test rats to 900 megahertz radiation used for GSM cell phone technology for only two hours per week for 55 weeks. Compared to non-irradiated control animals, the microwaved rats showed "significantly reduced memory function" and "impaired memory for objects."
Cognitive Impairment in Rats After Long-Term Exposure to GSM-900 Mobile Phone Radiation,  Nittby et al., Bioelectricmagnetics 29:219-232 (2008).
Wi-Fi Radiation Impairs the Encoding of Information
Rats were exposed to Wi-Fi 2.45 gighertz radiation 12 hours a day for 30 days:  "Results Demonstrated that those in the Wi-Fi exposure groups could not discriminate significantly between the novel and familiar objects in any of the standard SOR [spontaneous recognition objects], tactile SOR, and CMOR [cross module visual tactile object recognition]tests.....In conclusion, results of this study showed that chronic exposure to Wi-Fi  electromagnetic waves might impair both unimodal and cross-modal encouding of information."  
"The Effect of Wi-Fi Electromagnetic Wave in Unimodal and Multimodal Object Recognition Tasks in Male Rats, Hassanshani et al,  Neurology Science, 2017 June; 38 (6).

Wi-Fi Radiation Induces Memory Decline and Anxiety Behavior

Scientists exposed rats to Wi-Fi frequency of 2.45  gigahertz  four hours a day for 45 days: "The 2.45 GHz radiation-exposed rats elicited memory decline and anxiety behavior.....The study clearly indicates that [the] exposure of rats to microwave radiation of 2.45 GHz leads to detrimental changes in brain leading to lowering of learning and memory and expression of anxiety behavior in rats along with [a] fall in brain antioxidant enzyme systems."
"Rats Exposed to 2.45 GHz of Non-Ionizing Radiation Exhibit Behavioral Changes With Increase Brain Expression of Apoptotic [cell-killing] Caspase 3," Varghese et al., Pathophysiology, 2017, Nov 14, pii: S0928-4680 917) 30052-4.
 Cell Phone Radiation Interferes With Normal Cell Death in Brain Tissues
University of Kentucky scientists confirmed that cell phone microwaves upregulate (stimulate) elements of the apoptotic (cell death) pathways in brain cells, especially neurons. This finding is important because programmed  cell death is a highly regulated process in both humans and animals.   Random interference with the pathways can cause too little cell death resulting in cancer, or too much cell death resulting in atrophy.  The researchers reported: "Cell phone emissions thus have the potential to cuase dysfunction or death through activation of specific intracellular cell death signlling pathways."
"Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Up-Regulates Apoptosis Genes in Primary Cultures of Neurons and Astrocytes," Zhao et al., Kentucky Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, University of Kentucky, Neurocience Letters, 01-22-2007.
Whole Body Microwave Exposure Degenerates Numerous Brain Proteins
Greek researchers demonstrated that microwaves emitted by wireless devices influences 143 proteins in crucial brain areas: "Our study is important because it shows for the first time protein changes in the mouse brain after EMF exposure and in particular very crucial regions like the hippocampus, cerebellum and frontal lobe, all involved in learning, memory  and other complicated functions of the mammalian brain. We have demonstated that 143 proteins are altered...including proteins that have been correlated so far with Alzheimer's, glioblastoma [cancer], stress and metabolism. In perspective, this study is anticipated to throw light in the understanding of headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, memory disorders, brain tumors, all of them related to the function of altered brain proteins."
Brain Proteome Response Following Whole Body Exposure of Mice To Mobile Phone or Wireless DECT Base Station Radiation," Fragopoulou et al., Electormagnetic Biology and Medicine 1-25-2012.
2.45 [W-Fi] Microwaves Affect Mitochondrial Enzymes and Secretions of the Brain
This early Chinese study found that pulsed microwaves are effective at decreasing mitochondrial enzymes in brain tissues. It also discussed other research showing that pulsed microwaves affect ATP (crucial to brain energy) as well decreasing as secretions (SDH) in the hypothalamus and hippocampus.
"Effects of Microwave Exposure at Various Power Densities On Mitochondrial Enzymes in Mouse Brain," Journal of Bioelectricity 3:361-366, 1984.
Mobil Phone Radiation Alters the Activity of Vital Brain Enzyme Acetylcholinesterase
Acetylcholinesterase is a constantly active enzyme critical to brain function. Its's major imperative role is to control the neurotransmiter acetylcholine which sends messages between nerves, signaling muscle contractions. If acetylcholine were not properly broken down by this enzyme after serving its function, signaled muscles could not relax leading to spasms, paralysis and even the impairment of breathing, heartbeat and other life-critical functions. This study found that the radio frequencies of a commerical cell phone "irreversibly affect the structural and biochemical characteristics" of this critical enzyme.
"Structural and Kinetic Effects of Mobile Phone Microwaves on Acetylcholinesterase Activity," Barteri et al., Biophysical Chemistry 113(3):245-253, 2005.
 Mobil Phone Radiation Causes Learning Impairment/Oxidative Stress in Fish
Zebra Fish exposed to GSM cell phone radiation (900 megahertz) at power levels within federal exposure gtuidelines  produced "significant impairment in learning as compared to non-irradiated control group."  They  also suffered a compromised antioxidant defense (loss of catalase, glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) needed for immunity.
Neurobehavioural Changes and Brain Oxidative Stress Induced by Acute Exposure to GSM900 Mobile Phone Radiations in Zebrafish, Toxicology Research, Nirwane et al., April 2016, 32(2);123-32.
 Mobil Phone Radiation Inflicts Powerful Influence on GABA in Brain Neurons
GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is a primary neurotransmitter involved in may neurological processes of the brain.  Any toxic substance or radiation that alters GABA regulation of the brain synapses can unleash abnormal brain function and pathologies.  By 1995,  scientific studies showed that GABA is extremely vulnerable to disturbances by microwaves.  A 2005 study by Chinese researchers proved 900 megahertz, emitted into the environment by numerous wireless devices, systems and antenna installations, imposed "significant changes" in the expression of GABA receptors in exposed animal neruons. 
"Effects of 900 MHz Electromagnetic Fields On the Expression of GABA Receptror of Cerebral Cortical Neurons in Postnatal Rat," Jiu et al., National Institute of Environmental Health, Beijing, China, September 2005; 34(5): 546-548.
Mobile Phones Linked to Changes in Cognitive Function in Young Human Adolescents
Seven university researchers in Melbourne, Australia studied cognitive functioning in 317 seventh grade students from 20 schools. They found that overall, mobile phone use was associated with faster and less accurate responses to higher-level cognitive tasks: "The working memory was poorer, reaction time for a simple learning task shorter, associative learning response shorter and accuracy poorer in children reporting more mobile phone calls." Other studies have also shown that microwaves can speed up the brain, leading researchers to surmise that artificially speeding brain responses may fatigue the brain over time, leading to cognitive impairment later.
"Mobile Phone Use is Associated with Changes in Congitive Function in Young Adolescents," Abramson et al., 09-10-2008.  This study was funded by the National Health Medical Research Council of Australia. 
Cell Phone Radiation Affects Information Transfer in the Human Brain
Italian researchers investigated the effects of mobile phone radiation on EEG rhythms in human subjects.  They found that the modulated microwaves entering the brain affect alpha 1 and alpha 2 rhythms: "....Prolonged mobile phone emission effects not only the cortical activity but also the spread of neural synchronization conveyed by interhemispherical functional coupling of EEG rhythms."
"Mobile Phone Emission Modulates Interhemispheric Functional Coupling of EEG Alpha Ryhthms,"  European Journal of Neuroscience, 2007 March 25,(6): 1908-1913.
 4G LTE Radiation Reduces Spontaneous Brain Activity
Using fMRI scans for this double-blind study,  Chinese researchers found that Long Term Evolution signals (4G/LTE) signals delivered to human test subjects reduced spontaneous brain activity involving low frequency fluctuations (ALFF) in several areas of the brain. ALFF activity is an important indicator of normal neural activity. An earlier study by a different team of scientists representing three different Chinese universities,  used fMRI scans to confirm that reduced ALFF in numerous parts of the brain is also suffered by people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  Many people with MCI go on to develop Alzheimer's Disease. Might the powerful, multi-frequency LTE signals from ubiquitous smart devices and environmental antenns be chronically reducing ALFF activity in the brains of millions of Americans, thus paving the way to mass cognitive impairment, or worse?
"The Alteration of Spontaneous Low Frequency Oscillations Caused by Acute Electromagnetic Fields Exposure," Lv B et al., Clinical Neurophysiology, September 2013, S1388-2457 (13)00976-0. Also:"Spontaneous Brain Activity in Mild Cognitive Impairment Revealed by Amplitude of Low-freqency Fluctuation Analysis: A Resting-State fMRI Study," Q. Xi, et al., La Radiologic Medica, August 2012, Volume 117, Issue 5, pp. 865-870.
Cell Phone Radiation Affects Blood Flow in the Human Brain
A double-blind study on male humans using PET scan technology showed that "the EMF from a commercial cell phone affects regional regional blood flow in humans.  These results are consistent with the postulation that EMF induces changes in neuronal activity."  Thps study showed that blood flow was reduced in the inferior temporal cortex beneath the phone antenna, but increased more distantly in the prefrontal cortex.
"Mobile Phone Affects Cerebral Blood Flow in Humans," Aalto et al., University of Turku, Finland, 2006; 26 (7):885-90.
A Survey Study of Neurological Symptoms Suffered by Long-Term Cell Phone Users
Turkish researchers representing four Medical and Educational institutions collected statistical evidence that cell phone radiation can cause headache, extreme irritation, carelessness, forgetfulness, reflex problems and clicking sounds in the head.
A Survey Study on Some Neurological Symptoms and Sensatioons Experienced by Long Term Users of Mobile Phones, Balikci et al., Pathologie Biologie, Volume 53, Issue 1, January 2005, pp.30-34.
  Scientific Studies on the 2.45 Gigahertz Used for Wi-Fi

     The following documentation provides a wealth of medical and scientific information on the disastrous health effects of the 2.45 gigahertz for-profit research being conducted on virtually all Americans without their informed consent. Pictures illustrating the studies below demonstrate popular systems which propagate 2.45 gigahertz Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radiation. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi weaponry deployed today is rendered especially deadly with its numerous, low-frequency modulations, its multiple-antenna delivery techniques, its beamforming oscillations and its deadly coupling effects with the other wireless pollution from 2G, 3G and 4G cellular technologies. Most of the studies listed below document biological effects from basic 2.45 gigahertz signals, which differ from the complex emanations of our real-life environments. But these studies nevertheless provide insight into why so many people are chronically immune-compromised, sick, disabled and/or beset with malignant diseases.
The following studies are solid evidence that Americans now live in a world where
By 1948, researchers had published a paper showing that 2.45 gigahertz radiation "is highly productive in producing lenticular opacities," which means that repetitive injury from this microwave frequency creates cataracts within the lens of the eye. [64]  Despite medical interventions, cataracts are still the leading cause of blindness across the world, according to the World Health Organization.
  In the 1970s,  2.45 gigahertz studies committed against lab animals demonstrated severe damage to eye tissues. [65]
In 1982, scientists reported that exposing the sciatic nerves of frogs to 2.45 gigahertz resulted in a significant decrease in the survival time of the exposed nerves, compared to non-irradiated nerves. [66] Investigators are currently accumulating more data on how microwaves damage or destroy the myelin (critical protein) of nerves.
In 1983, scientists used 2.45 gigahertz microwaves to inhibit normal cell division in animals. [67]
Studies published in 1985 once again demonstrated cataracts and endothelial cell damage in the cornea of animals exposed to 2.45 GHz. [68]  If 2.45 gigahertz "eats" the eye, what does Goggle's upcoming 77 gigahertz driverless car radar mean to human eye health?  Google's new "smart lens," designed to be worn directly on the eye, features a tiny, built-in wireless camera. [69] That US regulatory agencies do not require proper medical studies and safety certification of microwave technologies which directly affect the human eye demonstrates gross corruption and incompetence.
In 1985, oncology researchers at University School of Medicine Baltimore published a rodent study showing that animals injected with a tumor-promoting chemical suffered a significant increase in tumor development if they had been previously exposed to either X-radiation or 2.45 gigahertz microwave radiation. The study concluded that “low level 2.45 GHz microwave radiation can induce latent transformation damage which can then be revealed by the action of tumor promoters.” This study was cited as important to the many people who are irradiated at the same time that they are compromised with chemotherapy drugs or other dangerous chemical exposures from occupational and environmental exposures. [70]
In the 1990s, researchers found that a carrier frequency of 2.45 gigahertz caused cancer-prone mice to suffer a 41% increase in tumors and a highly significant 12.5% increase in chromosome damage to bone marrow and blood. [71]

In 1993, a team of researchers showed that 2.45 gigahertz microwaves "behave like ionizing radiations [X-ray, gamma waves] as they induce chromosome aberrations rather than sister chromatid exchanges...." [72]

In 1995-97, researchers at the University of Washington used 2.45 gigahertz to induce DNA damage in the brains of rats. The rats suffered both long-term and short-term memory loss. The rats were irradiated at only 1.2 watts per kilogram compared to the current federal guideline allowing human exposure of 1.6 watts per kilogram (cell phone radiation). [73]

In 1998, Ukrainian scientists investigating the effects of low-intensity 2.45 gigahertz radiation on bone marrow, spleen, thymus and peripheral blood documented profound damage to numerous types of cells. [74]

In 2003, Chinese researchers at China’s Fourth Military Medical University reported that 2.45 gigahertz radiation causes negative biological changes in the hematopoietic system (bone marrow and other blood forming tissues). These researchers also confirmed that 2.45 gigahertz can damage both immune and reproductive functions, while causing gene mutations. [75]

In 2004, Croatian researchers reported that 2.45 GHz (continuous wave) radiation, delivered at full body absorption rates lower than currently allowed from cell phones, caused a genotoxic effect to the bone marrow of rats. [76]

In 2005, the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago reported that human cells exposed to non-thermal 2.45 gigahertz suffered altered expression of 221 different genes after a 2-hour exposure. After a 6-hour exposure, 759 different genes showed altered expression. [77]
IMPORTANT: This gene study provides valuable information about the massive potential for health damage from Wi-Fi. Here's why: "Gene expression is the fundamental starting point of all metabolic processes in the cell. If you fiddle with that, anything can happen. Gene expression changes caused by external factors can be very adverse, triggering unpredictable cascades of undesirable biological events leading to such different conditions as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, brain and heart functional impairment, blood disorders, allergies and asthma, mood and behavioral disorders, sleep disturbances, headaches, fatigue, circadian rhythm disorders, etc." [78]
In 2006, Indian researchers in New Delhi used 2.45 GHz to cause "statistically significant" single strand DNA breaks in the brain cells of rats. [79]
In 2008, Israeli scientists representing three medical institutions published a study showing that 1.1 gigahertz causes "irreversible morphological and biochemical damage" to the lens of the eye....Cataracts form when proteins in the lens begin to clump and scatter light." These researchers also noted that 2.45 gigahertz causes a "significant higher degree of protein folding than conventional heat." [80]

In 2008, scientists studying the effects of microwaves on rat thyroid hormones showed that 2.45 gigahertz alters the levels of thyroid hormones and causes abnormal emotional behavior compared to non-irradiated animals. [81]

In 2009, a group of Dutch molecular neurobiologists confirmed that 2.45 gigahertz administered to newborn rats produced a dramatic effect on neurogenesis, inducing “significant changes in proliferating cell numbers.” Neurogenesis involves the development of brain neurons. Normal neurogenesis is critical to proper brain development and function. Disruption of neurogenesis can lead to many brain abnormalities, including inability to learn and dementia brain diseases. [82]

In 2009, scientists used 2.45 GHz to create oxidative stress (a precancer condition) in blood cells and plasma of rats exposed for one hour a day for a period of 28 days: "In conclusion, 2.45 GHz electromagnetic radiation caused oxidative stress in blood of rat...." [83]

In 2010, a team of researchers reported that 2.45 gigahertz emitted by a cordless phone system affects the human autonomic system. Forty percent of the twenty-five human volunteers in this study experienced immediate changes in heart rate and heart variability during irradiation. [84]

In 2010, Russian researchers induced negative immune system effects in animals irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz at only 0.16 watts per kilogram. US exposure guidelines allow human exposure of 1.6 watts per kilogram of cell phone gigahertz.  But since Wi-Fi is completely unregulated, no one knows or seems to care what power densities are flowing from Wi-Fi devices and systems, let alone how much gigahertz radiation is absorbed by Wi-Fied individuals. [85]
♦  In 2010, researchers exposed small animals to 2.45 gigahertz radiation for two hours per day for 35 days: "The study concludes that the chronic exposure to these radiations may cause significant damage to the brain, which may be an indication of possible tumour promotion...." [86]

In 2012, scientists investigated the effects of 2.45 gigahertz microwaves on human leukemia cancer cells and found that the radiation proliferated (caused an increase of the cancer cells) through oxidative stress and calcium influx. [87]
In 2012, medical researchers found that only 2-8 hours of exposure to microwave radiation disables about 37% of critically important immune cells in human blood. These researchers specifically warned that both mobile phone radiation and Wi-Fi radiation is capable of severely impairing the human immune system, while disabling mechanisms which protect against neurological disease and aging.  The condition of the human immune system also determines vulnerability to cancers. [88]
In  2013, Danish ninth graders placed watercress seeds next to two Wi-Fi routers in their classroom. The seeds refused to sprout, even after 12 days, compared to non-irradiated seeds which spouted beautifully. Later in 2015, two European scientists partially replicated this study by exposing cress seeds .2 volts per meter microwave radiation from two cell towers 600 feet away from the seeds: "In fact, the first step of the seeds' germination --e.g. inhibitions of germinal cells-- could not occur under radiation, while inside the humid compost such inhibitions occurred and roots slightly developed.  When removed from the electromagnetic field, seeds germinated normally.  The radiation was, thus, most likely the cause of the non-occurrence of the seeds' inhibitions and germination." [89]
In 2013, scientists with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden exposed laboratory ants to a Wi-Fi router for 30 minutes. After only a few seconds of exposure, the ants "clearly demonstrated signs of bad health and consequently, a disturbed behavior." The ants demonstrated severe problems with locomotion. "After having been exposed for 30 minutes, the ants had to recover 6 to 8 hours before foraging as usual again. Unfortunately, several ants never recovered and were found dead a few days later." [90]
In 2013, Turkish researchers used 2.45 GHz to induce oxidative toxicity in laryngotracheal mucosa of rats. The abstract notes: "It is well known that oxidative stress induces larynx cancer....It is well known that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) causes oxidative stress in different cell systems." [91]

In 2013, Turkish researchers showed that 2.45 GHz exposure at very low levels causes a thickening of the anterior epithelium in the eye cornea of irradiated rats: "The authors conclude that exposure of rats to 2.45 GHz could cause alterations in the cornea. " [92]
  Another study by another Turkish medical team the following year confirmed that rats irradiated with Wi-Fi radiation one hour per day for 30 days suffered oxidative stress (aging affects) to the lenses of their eyes. [93]


  In 2013, scientists published a study in which rats were induced to exhibit diabetes-like status after exposure to 2.45 GHz for one hour per day for 21 consecutive days. These rats not only developed glucose metabolic disorders, but also abnormal liver lesions. [94]
  In 2014, another scientific study on rat brains found that 2.45 gigahertz radiation "increases the DNA damage in both brain tissues and plasma." [95]
In 2015, agricultural scientists showed that Wi-Fi radiation damages trees, producing abnormal foliage. Seventy percent of Danish trees are now showing similar signs of radiation damage. [96]
In 2015, researchers irradiated mice with 2.45 gigahertz to investigate its potential to alter the microRNA genes in the brain. Alterations in these genes are involved in dementia diseases. The report states: "Long term exposure of 2.4 GHz RF may lead to adverse effects such as neurodegenerative diseases originated from the alteration of some mRNAs expression and more studies should be devoted to the effects of RF radiation on mRNAs expression levels." [97]
  In 2015, a research team showed that male rats exposed to 2.45 gigahertz Wi-Fi radiation had significant abnormal changes in important blood chemicals, compared to non-irradiated rats. These chemicals included: cholesterol, HDL, blood glucose and GGT, a liver enzyme considered a diagnostic marker for various liver disorders. [98]
  In 2015, a research team published results of a study in which adult male rabbits were irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz Wi-Fi for one hour. The antennas were placed close to the heart similar to a situation in which humans carry wireless devices in shirt pockets or hold transceiving computer tablets close to the chest cavity. The rabbits suffered increased heart rate (+22%) and increased arterial blood pressure (+14%). The radiation also affected dopamine and epinephrine action on heart variability and blood pressure. "These results suggest for the first time, as far as we know, that exposure to Wi-Fi affects heart rhythm, blood pressure and catecholamines efficacy on cardiovascular system, indicating that radiofrequency can act directly and/or indirectly on cardiovascular system." [99]
Time for a Parable?
  The latest scientific evidence indicates that sane Americans should take prudent steps to separate themselves from Wi-Fi pollution. Those with normal reasoning capacity should consider investing in a good audio microwave detector. Empowerment to discern the presence of Wi-Fi and other types of wireless pollution is now vital for making wise choices. It is also imperative to share this crucial information with unaware people who remain oblivious to the dangers of Wi-Fi and other gigahertz pollution, simply because they have no ability to hear, see, smell, taste or touch it.  For those who choose to hunker down and do nothing to defend themselves, the story of the Apollo I crew is a perfect parable.
    On January 27, 1967, Gus Grissom was burned to death with astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee when Apollo I caught fire during a pre-launch test at Cape Kennedy. “Their deaths were attributed to a wide range of lethal design hazards…many wiring and plumbing flaws, flammable materials in the cockpit, a hatch which might not open at all in an emergency and even the flight suits worn by the astronauts….” Astronaut John Young recalled a conversation he had with Grissom just before that terrible accident: “The wires were really bad in there (Apollo I command module).... I said ‘Gus, why don’t you say something about the wiring?’....And he said, ‘I can’t say anything about it or they’ll fire me.’ ” [100]

    Gus and the others remained silent for political and economic reasons, but they got "fired" anyway. This is the story of millions of Americans who are now being slowly roasted by Wi-Fi technologies, but who "go along to get along." These, the silent and submissive, will not die quickly, as did the Apollo I team. But vast medical evidence confirms that they are predictably doomed to deteriorate and suffer slowly, often with a considerable lag time between exposure and resulting disease, disability and even premature death.  Slow burn may be more terrible than fast burn.

  The Wi-industry is preparing to turn up the "heat" with new 5G millimeter wave technologies that require MANY THOUSANDS of  new small cell microwave transceivers to be mounted upon every available pole and even suspended in the sky above us.  It is past time for Americans to confront the fact that wireless technologies in general and Wi-Fi technologies in particular are indeed a scourge. Unlicensed, unregulated Wi-Fi radiation --forced upon humanity in violation of international conventions against involuntary medical experimentation-- is a grotesque national and global disaster, generated by mass ignorance, official corruption and corporate greed.
The "green" solution is relatively simple:
The Wi-industry is an engine, Wi-consumers are the wheels
 on a dead-end road to disease, disability, deformity and death.
  If the wheels fall off, the machine stops.
If it's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, refuse to buy!
Clean up your personal environment and raise awareness!
  Consider any building contaminated with Wi-Fi
as extremely hazardous to human health. 
When unavoidably caught within a sick Wi-Fi building,
complain loudly with your Acoustimeter flashing!